Prince of Foxes - Gulur

Vörunúmer: 192101106

The utilitarian approach to design means that these waterproof dungarees are perfect for kids to go out and play in. With comfortable shoulder straps that can be adjusted for a customised fit and pragmatic buckle, the PRINCE OF FOXES is easy to put on and take off. The waterproof side zippers ensure that shoes don’t have to be removed before stepping into the dungarees and the elasticated foot band keeps the leg neatly in place. This garment can be perfectly combined with our raincoats for a complete waterproof ensemble. 

PRINCE OF FOXES has a waterproof coating with 5000mm column pressure and signature sealed seams. 


All our garments are BPA + AZO free and certified with all child safety regulations. 

  • Composition: 50% PES // 50% PU 

  • Jersey lining: 60% CO // 40% PES 

  • Waterproof 5000mm column pressure 

  • 100% waterproof 

  • Adjustable straps 

  • Classic style 

  • Coated on the outside 

  • Sealed zipper 

  • Unisex 

  • Wind resistant 


What to do when this waterproof dungarees is dirty or has stains? First try to wipe with a wet cloth and soap. If really necessary, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees, please use a delicate program. It's allergic to softener and bleach. Only dry hanging, do not tumble dry.