Ský Tina

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Hér geturðu hlustað á hljóðið 
If I tell you Tina you tell me? Turner !!! Well, this musical cushion for baby in the shape of a cloud is just as vitaminized and boosted as this monument of the song! At Mellipou music is at the heart of all our concerns ... All our musical clouds are original and design and in addition we leave you the choice of the lullaby among our 5 flagship titles: Game of Thrones for parents already nostalgic last episode , Adele and Stevie Wonder for the most romantic, The Doors for rock'n'roll babies and finally Amélie Poulain for frenchies! Yes we know, you're probably telling you that you just found the music box of your dreams and you are right! No more nervous breakdowns at bedtime, baby will fall asleep peacefully and calmly thanks to the soft sound of his musical cushion. And if that's not enough? Marie, the designer will come in person to calm him ... Decidedly we really thought of everything! Even the decor of the baby room because these little clouds are absolutely cute and will delight parents addicted to decoration! Placed in the baby's wooden bed, suspended above its cradle or hung on the wall you are spoiled for choice. So what do we say? Thank you Mellipou! 

The small + of the designer: all our musical clouds are completely machine washable at 30 °. 


Duration of the melody: About 2M15 
  • Made in France In our Parisian workshop :) 
    Size: 31x19cm 
    Weight: 170 GR 
    Color: Pink and White  
    Material Interior 100% polyester / Outdoor 100% Cotton 
    All our fabrics are Oeko-TEX certified 
    Certification: EC Standards 
    Maintenance: our musical clouds are fully machine washable at 30 ° C