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MOBAM Hvítur Alanis

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Someone like you 

Hér geturðu hlustað á hljóðið â–º
This mobile for cot all white is ultra trend thanks to its choice of lullabies completely new and offbeat! And yes dear parents, you can now rock your little one with the credits of Game of Thrones, Amélie Poulain or Adele ... Even if these lullabies are modern they are not less soft, baby will be soothed by the notes of music of this beautiful musical mobile and the bedtime ritual will become a moment of happiness for the whole family! The small white and pink clouds with colored ribbons turn over the cradle and awaken your little girl when she is lying in her little bed. Note that this musical mobile is to use until the 5 months of baby, once he will stand up it will remove it. If you do not yet know how to decorate the baby's room or want to give a gift without taking too much risk, this mobile baby bed is the one you need, with the white you're sure not to make false not ! To operate the mobile just turn the crank on the back of the music box, the lullaby lasts about 2'30. 
  • The small + of the designer: practical, this musical mobile easily attaches to all types of beds thanks to its universal bed arm.


    Duration of the melody:  about 2m40 
    • Use: from birth to 5 months 

      Made in France in our Parisian workshop :) 

      Size: 70X34cm 

      Weight: 825gr 

      Color:  white and pink  

      Structure: white plastic, clouds inside 100% polyester / outside 100% cotton 

      All our fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex 

      Packaging:  the packaging is fully recyclable 

      Certification: CE standards 

      Care: surface washable