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MOBAM Hvítur Morrisson

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með vsk

Yann Tiersen 

La valse d´Amelie Poulain

Hér geturðu hlustað á hljóðið â–º
You will not believe your ears! This musical mobilefor boy plays lullabies completely new and original: Game of Thrones, Amélie Poulain or Adele! At Mellipou our priority is to pamper the parents' ears so that the bedtime ritual is a real moment of happiness for the whole family, because we understand that you can not go from musical mobiles to traditional and boring music! Our mobile baby cribs of a new kind bring a wind of freshness in the cradle of baby. He can also awake during his moments of calm in the bed with the little blue clouds that turn over his head. Babies love it! The white structure of this mobile and its colorful clouds with neon ribbons make it a very beautiful decoration accessory in the room of a little boy (or a little girl because yes the blue n ' 
  • The small + of the designer: practical, this musical mobile easily attaches to all types of beds thanks to its universal bed arm.


    Duration of the melody:  about 2m40 
    • Use: from birth to 5 months 

      Made in France in our Parisian workshop :) 

      Size: 70X34cm 

      Weight: 825gr 

      Color:  blue 

      Structure: white plastic, clouds Inside 100% polyester / Outside 100% cotton 

      All our fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex 

      Packaging: the packaging is fully recyclable 

      Certification: CE standards 

      Care: surface washable