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Ský Jim

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Someone like you

Hér geturðu hlustað á hljóðið â–º


This musical stuffed baby is the must have trendy parents! Close your eyes and you may well recognize the lullaby played by this little cloud ... And yes, dear parents we are happy to announce that with this musical cloud for baby, you will win a number of hours of unimaginable sleep and in addition your ears will be particularly pampered. Adele, Game of Thrones, The Doors, Amelie Poulain or Stevie Wonder were chosen to soothe baby before bed. She is not beautiful life? Looking for a gift idea for a birth list? Offer this musical cushion as a gift of birth or baptism, guaranteed waouuuh effect! All our stuffed animals are made in our Parisian workshops with all our love and know-how. 

And for even more style, make customize your musical toy with the baby's name, add the gift wrap and slip a sweet little word inside. 

The small + of the designer: all our musical clouds are completely machine washable at 30 °. 


Duration of the melody: about 2m15 
  • Made in France in our workshop Parisien :) 

    Size: 31x19cm 

    Weight: 170 gr 

    Color:   pink, butterflies marine 

    Material: 100% polyester interior / Exterior 100% cotton 

    All our fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex 

    Packaging: the packaging is fully recyclable 

    Certification: CE standards 

    Maintenance: our music boxes are fully machine washable at 30 ° C