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Stjarna Tina

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Someone like you 

Hér geturðu hlustað á hljóðið â–º
Do you know why parents worship us? Because we put their babies to sleep with a snap! But yes, it's possible ! With the right product. Music Box with an original and customizable lullaby does the work. Every night to put your child to sleep, it is part of the bedtime ritual that is very important for baby sleep. So if in addition you were told that there are lullabies ultra modern you will not be back! Look at the melodies, you have the choice between Game of Thrones, Adele, Amelie Poulain, The Doors, Stevie Wonder ... All parents want theirs! On the deco side, we love the print of this powder-colored music box that will blend easily with any kind of baby room. You can either hang it or put it in the crib. Nothing like to play with and activate the melody itself when it is big enough.  A gift idea from birth to the top! What better way to delight parents who are lacking sleep? Mellipou is the guarantee of a lead sleep for the whole family. You will thank us later! : D
Duration of the melody:  On average 2M15 
  • Made in France In our Parisian workshop :) 

    Size: 28X28cm 

    Weight: 170g 

    Color: white, pink, purple, mustard 

    Material  Interior 100% polyester / Outdoor 100% Cotton 

    All our fabrics are Oeko-TEX certified 

    Certification: EC Standards 

    Maintenance: our music boxes are fully machine washable at 30 ° C